Pharmacy affiliate programs are very popular right now and there’s a very good reason for that; they’re making people rich! The United States alone spends several billions of dollars on prescription medications every year. With the rising costs of prescription medications and a sub-par economy, millions of people are turning to the internet to order their necessary medications.

Webmasters have found many affiliate programs that pay well, but with pharmacy affiliate programs many people are becoming very rich very fast. However, this is not a get rich quick scheme. You only get out of pharmacy affiliate programs what you put in to them. Just like anything else there is no substitute for hard work!

One of the reasons why online pharmacies are such a hot industry is because of the vast number of prescription drugs available. Overweight individuals, individuals that suffer from erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and herpes are sometimes reluctant to talk to their doctor about these conditions. Many are embarrassed by their condition and find that buying their medication online is more comfortable and offers a greater degree of privacy. These reasons mixed with the convenience of the internet makes for a great money making opportunity.

With the high costs in addition to the high demand of prescription medications pharmacy affiliates are making HUGE payouts. Where else can you make as much as $100 per sale?

Our pharmacy affiliate program key benefits:

  • High conversion rates (1:15 – 1:25)
  • About 70% of customers return and make recurring orders again and again. This increases your earnings by 70%-90%!

We offer you two types of affiliate program:

  1. Run your own pharmacy store and receive 60% comission for each order
  2. Just link to our site and $20 for each order

Affiliate Program 1: Run your own pharmacy store

Why not just open your own online pharmacy store? This way you control your own retail prices! Your web site prints in large letters at the top of all customer invoices ensuring you get the next order, plus we pro actively email your customers when a refill is due. In all cases the customer is directed back to your site.

Why join?

  • Set up your own web shop in 15 minutes – no kidding, you will get a ready designed affiliate store, and all you have to do is to directly upload your web shop to your FTP account. Everything you need to set a website is right here
  • Over 150 professional designed web templates for your store
  • Define your price – we set the minimal price on drugs, and you decide on the price of the products you sell in your affiliate web shop. By selling the drugs just at a slightly increased price you will make your profit. Making money doesn’t get any easier than this!
  • 3-tier affiliate program – get payments from your referral’s sales (1 tier: 60% comission for all your orders, 2 tier: 5% on all referred affiliate income, 3 tier: 1% on all sub-referred affiliate income)
  • Weekly payouts – we are accurate and prompt at paying

Affiliate Program 2: Just link to our site and get $20 for each order you refer

This option is for people who are in a hurry, simply sign up and use the examples provided in the sign up email to link to our site, this saves time and you can start making money straight away. We will provide you with banners to help you push traffic to our site. We payout weekly by wire or check! Look below for our current payout table that we believe is the most competitive in the Industry.