What is meant by generic medication?

A Generic drugs are equivalent to the brand-name medicine and its features are moreover same as of original. Such features are dosage, working mechanism, quality, and precautions. This implies that generic drugs utilize the same active agents as original pill and function in a similar manner. But generic might vary from the brand in some other ways and such they differ in packaging, tablet taste, and color.

Why Generic Drugs are cheaper than Brand-Name Medicines?

There are many reasons available in case of selling brand-name medication at a higher price in the market. You will see the major reasons below.

  • Patent drugs require more amount of money(up to billions) and even they have to spend more time and perform innovative drug tests.
  • They utilize marketing and advertising strategy which cost a plenty of money as well.
  • They need to get an approval for patent rights but it will be expired within 7-12 years.
  • Manufacturers look for a profit apart from their expenditures.

Pharmaceutical companies sold out the generic drugs at a cheaper price due to the following reasons.

  • Generic medicine does not need a new chemical formula or creative manufacturing technology.
  • They do not require advertisement since they will exist in the market.
  • They do not undergo any clinical trials and need not prove their efficacy and safety. Because the patent manufacturing organizations have already done the process.

As you will come to know about the generic drugs can save huge money and time of the consumers and insurance organizations.

 What is a US Pharmacy? Shall I trust them?

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