Company details

Discountdrugsstore is an online pharmacy that is known to distribute medication to people around the world. This online drugstore consists of experts who are not only selling medication to people but they are also changing the life of them. The drugs are sourced from qualified drug manufacturing companies so you can assure yourself about the quality of the pills and the standards that they have. We have a goal and that is consumer security. Our customers should buy medicines online from us with complete belief and they have to be safe. We are happy that we are managing this goal till date. We source pills from legitimate generic manufacturing companies so you can get the medication at an affordable rate yet with world class quality.

Peculiar feature of discountdrugsstore

There are many special features that we possess and only few of them are mentioned here.

  • We provide the best services and world class product
  • Only quality medications are shipped to your place
  • Discreet packaging is assured
  • Different payment methods are accepted here
  • The best shipping and refund policy
  • 100% satisfied customers

These are the reasons why the users trust us and opt for our online pharmacy to get the medication.

Why do we sell medications and what is the advantage of it?

We are the distributor of the top pharmaceutical companies. You can get anti-depressants and impotency medications from us. The use of taking the medications is that it can improve your quality of life. If you are a sportsperson, police officer, professional, scientist or student no matter who you are it is sure that you can get benefitted by consuming these medications. This sounds great right and you can do this just by spending very less amount of money.

Do we guarantee confidentiality?

Yes, we do guarantee the confidentiality. The information that you offer to us are safe and secure. Your personal details are protected with the help of the technology known as SSL encryption. This technology would make it impossible for the hackers or intruders to misuse the details of the customers. We also engage separate team who would look at the security of the users. So the credit card information that you offered us is completely safe.

Can you save money while getting medication from us?

You can get a discount anywhere between 30 to 80 percentage. No matter what medication you order. The minimum offer that you get would be 10% and this can be for those who use bitcoins to get the medication.

Order details

What is the delivery period for the package?

If you belong to the Europe or the US you can get the package delivered between 5 to 7 days of time. Those who belong to countries other than these are eligible to get the parcel delivered from 10 to 20 days.

Are the drugs that you get from us is the same as of the brand medications?

The answer is both a yes and a no.

This is because we offer both brand and generic medications in the online pharmacy. The generic pills that we offer you would be legitimate and would contain the active ingredient similar to that of the brand drug. These pharmaceuticals have less investment and due to this they can offer the pills at the best rate unlike the brand drug manufacturers.

Why the drug cost in our online pharmacy is very low?

Generic medications are very cheap when compared to the brand ones. The production of these is very less. They need not have to advertise, they need not have to bear the cost of clinical trials and moreover they did not do any research in order to find out the formula. You can clearly understand that their overhead cost is very much low hence they sell at less rate to people.

What should you know about our return policy?

If you choose discountdrugsstore 100% satisfaction is confirmed. When you did not receive the package you can get a complete refund or new set of pills. If you received only half of the tablets you would be send the remaining set of tablets to your location.

The package would reach your place at the maximum of 30 business days. Only after this span, when you did not receive any medication package you can let us know the scenario through mail. We would act immediately and make sure you get the medication at the quickest.

What happens when you cancel your order?

If you are in need to cancel the order the first step that you are supposed to follow is contact the customer care team. Tell them about your cancellation of the order. When your order is not processed we would cancel the purchase and you would get your complete money. But when the order is already dispatched, we would levy cancellation charge on it.

Payment details

How to pay for your order?

You are eligible to pay for the medication in different ways and they are:

  • Bitcoins
  • E-checks
  • Master card
  • Visa

Account details

How to change your shipping address?

We would consider the address that you have mentioned in the form in default as your shipping address. You can change it when you checkout. You can enter the address to which you want the parcel to be shipped. You can add another address or delete the previous one. These modifications would not reflect on the orders that you have already made. You can use the account information page in order to update your contact information.

Why are you not receiving any mail?

If you are not receving any email from us then you can check these details that you have offered:

  • Ensure whether you have provided the right email address
  • Check the spam for any email
  • You have to make sure that we are not listed in your mail server black list

If you are not able to make the changes then you can contact the customer care team for it.

Shipping details

How can you track the shipment?

You can check it with your registered account. Visit your account and check your order status which reveals about the status of the package.

Is it possible to cancel the order once it is dispatched?

You can cancel the order however the cancellation fee is levied on you. In this situation you would not get your complete money refunded.

Delivery detail

Is it possible to return the medication after it is delivered?

You can definitely return the package if the medication is wrong or damage. Only valid reasons are accepted.

What should you do if you receive the wring dosage strength?

You have to contact the customer care team and inform that you have received the wrong dosage strength. They would do the needful. This should be done within 15 days of time.

What should you do if you received the wrong medication?

You have to contact the customer care team and they would help you to get the correct medication for your course of treatment. When the complaint is not raised within 15 days of time it is not valid and you would not get the right set of tablets for the therapy.