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Pain Relief


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The drugs that can act as a sedative, relaxant for musculoskeletal and brain depressants are represented as a muscle relaxant. These pills can be taken with physical therapy along with rest. Only then it can be benefitted by a person. It is taken to treat acute pain and only for short term usage.

The main aim of these drugs is to reduce the skeletal muscle spasms, increase the mobility, relieve from pain and much more.

Muscle relaxant does not belong to any class of drug; however, it is a group of various drugs which can also offer sedative effect.

You should know that the muscle relaxants are instructed during the early occurrence of back pain and only for little time of period.   The drugs can help to get relief from back pain due to muscle spasms.

Not only individuals those suffer from back pain are instructed with the drug but also prescribed for the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The drug is proved to relieve your pain that is caused in the tense muscles.

There are various types of muscle relaxants which can help you to treat neck pain or back pain.

Common muscle relaxers

Some of the drugs that are used to treat back pain or other types of pain are:

  • Baclofen

This is suitable for muscle spasms or muscle tightness. It can also be suitable for spine injuries. Baclofen is known to ease the pain. The drug also treats multiple sclerosis and also used to treat severe nerve pain.

It is available in the form of tablets and is suitable for the consumption by children who are 12 or more. The type of ill effects that you would suffer from is vomiting, drowsiness, headache and nausea.

The drug is categorized under category C.

  • Chlorzoxane

This drug is suitable to offer relief from discomfort that are caused due to acute, painful or musculoskeletal issues. The people who have a rare issue of liver toxicity or those who are hypersensitive to the active ingredient in the drug should not consume the medication.

Contact your physician if you are experiencing any loss of appetite, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea or dark urine. The drug can be got in tablet form. Do not take it during pregnancy as it is not still approved to be safe during this phase.

  • Soma (Carisoprodol)

This muscle relaxant would relieve you from pain and the stiffness that are caused due to acute muscle and bone issues. The medication can be habit-forming in nature. You are not supposed to consume the medication along with alcohol or other drugs in the market.

Those patients who are hypersensitive to carbamate drugs or who suffered from acute intermittent porphyria should avoid taking Carisoprodol. You have to administer the medication only through mouth and it is available in tablet form. Soma comes under schedule C drug in the safety ranking for the drugs during pregnancy.

  • Pac Fexmid

This medication would ease the pain and the stiffness caused due to muscle cramps which can also be known as spasms. If you are experiencing overactive thyroid, heart issues or heart rhythm issues or have any liver issue recently should not take the medication.

Unlike other medications that we have mentioned here this drug can be taken in long term basis. It has a chemical structure that is similar to the antidepressants. However you cannot say that Pac Fexmid is an antidepressant. Though the drug is not approved for the usage of Fibromyalgia it can sometimes be taken to treat this medical ailment. You can get the medication in both tablet or extended release capsules. Cyclobenzaprine is a B category drug and it is safe to be consumed during pregnancy.

  • Dantrolene

The drug is known to help a person to control chronic spasticity and it can help you to ease pain that is also related to spinal injuries. It can also be used for treating ailments like multiple sclerosis, stroke and cerebral palsy. Dantrolene is available in capsule form.

Some of the issues that it can create are liver issues hence the healthcare professional would monitor the impact of the drug through several blood tests. The negative effects that you can experience with this medication are asthma, lung diseases, bronchitis or emphysema.

The drug might cause you to become sensitive to light. The common ill effect is drowsiness. The FDA has categorized this medication under category C drug.

  • Diazepam

The drug not only treats muscle spasms but can also help you to get relieved from the symptoms of anxiety disorder, seizure and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You have to consume the medication only for a period of one to two weeks of time. There is this restriction because it can be habit forming in nature. In fact, it might also alter your sleep cycles.

The individual should know that this drug is a depressant and should be taken by women during their pregnancy time. The FDA has scheduled this drug under category D. You can get Diazepam in tablets, injection, rectal gel or even as liquid.

  • Metaxalone

This drug would target pain as well as muscle spasms that are caused due to sprains, injuries or strains. This is the medication which is less likely to cause sleepiness in a person. You cannot take the drug if you are under 13 years of age. It is not safe to be consumed if you are pregnant or breast feeding a child.

People with anemia, hemolytic or any drug induced issues are not safe to use the medication. Metaxalone is known to affect the people’s blood sugar tests. So let your doctor know about the consumption of the drug prior taking these tests. You can get the drug in tablet or injection form.

  • Methocarbamol

This can ease acute muscle pain. It can also be taken to control neuromuscular manifestations of tetanus. You have to know that it cannot treat tetanus. The drug is categorized as a carbamate.

You can take Methocarbamol in tablet or in an injection form. You can get the higher dose of the drug within the first forty eight or seventy two hours of the therapy. If you know that you are allergic to certain similar medications then you have to inform about this to your healthcare professional and avoid taking it. It is a category C drug.

  • Tizanidine

The muscle spasms that you experience are managed by this medication. You can take it during the activities in which you want to get relief from spasticity. The drug is also used by adults those who experience multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.

The children with cerebral palsy can also consume the medication for this medical ailment. Those who have a liver issue or those who are consuming Fluvoxamine should not take this medication.

Know whether you are tolerant to the active ingredient present in the medication or not. You can get the pills in tablet or capsule form. It is a category C drug.

You have to know that the first medication that your doctor instructs you would not work well or you would not find it effective as expected. In this situation you can consult with the physician again and get an alternative for it.

The researchers are still going on about which type of the muscle relaxer is very effective on the condition. So, you have to pick the medication and its dose based on some of the factors like the reaction to the first dose, age, severity of the condition and tolerance. You have to let your healthcare professional know about your previous drug abusive nature and allergies.

The drug can help you to get relief from pain. However this is just a part of it. The drug is usually instructed only for a shorter period of time. So concentrate more on stretching, exercises, physical therapy and rest.