Our Assurance of Privacy

The top priority of our online pharmacy Discountdrugsstore.net is protecting your information and privacy since we follow federal guidelines designed by HIPAA. The main intention of this privacy policy is to describe how we collect your data and business detail that you have given us and how we used your personal information and safeguarded by Discountdrugsstore.net. Terms of use have been enclosed with our Privacy Policy.

By landing on to our website, you agree to our collection and utilize of your details according to this Privacy Policy and you are agreeing on the practices explained here in this page. We do not sell, trade or share your detail to any third parties without any confirmation from your side. In case of necessity, we share some information with third parties like shippers and order processing team.

Our Privacy Policy is not applicable to any third party links provided on our website since we do not hold any responsibility to any third party link sites. You accept that Discountdrugsstore.net is not liable for any such utilize of your details and terms and conditions. Simply it means, thisPrivacy Policy deals only with the communication and utilization of data collected by Discountdrugsstore.net

What details did we collect?

Personal Details

In order to provide our best services, we gather the following details from the end-users:

Registration is required to make utilize of our services. Only registered users can buy the medicines from our website. You can create an account by giving up your details in a sign-up form. Customers are required to provide the following information during the process of registration and purchasing.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password
  • Email Id
  • Contact number
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address

Other Details

IP Addresses

User IP addresses are automatically tracked and collected by us. We gather this details for our marketing purposes and it helps to monitor your locations from which you came through our website and register to make utilize our services. A user IP address is further used for statistical purposes and to better optimized our website.

Resemblance Information

Suppose if you send a message via any other communication medium regarding your personal resemblances, like emails or third parties drop a correspondence information about your actions and advertising about our site, such details are stored on our servers.

Payment Details

We do not collect the information about your credit card in order to protect you against claims, unauthorized transactions, fraudulent activities and any other responsibilities.

We provide an access to our third-party payment vendor to gather details for the reason of collecting the money from our clients on the site. We do not collect the information which you have given to our third-party payment vendor and this detail is applicable to the third-party payment vendor Privacy Policy.

How the Details are Utilized

We utilize your business details in the following ways:

  • We make utilize of your data to troubleshoot issues, figure out customers interest in our services, tell you about our new products, great deals, updates, and services, customize the websites based on client requirements, protect consumers against from fraudulent and criminal activity, accomplish our Terms of Use, safeguard you from an error and explained to you during the time of gathering your details. Always we do the comparison and analyze your details for accuracy, errors, and omissions.
  • We utilize your email id to drop a system emails to utilize our services. In case if you want to unsubscribe our system email, then you will be required to stop utilizing our services or make inactive your profile by dropping a mail to us.
  • Even we utilize your registered email for sending a newsletter and promotions in associate with your utilization of our benefits. Suppose if you are not interested to receive our newsletter, you can simply click onto the unsubscribe link in the newsletter mail.
  • We utilize site navigation data to process and develop the site. We might utilize the site navigation data in a separate way or use it along with information provided on Discountdrugsstore.net.
  • We do not disclose your details to any third party vendors for their marketing and advertising purposes rather than what is being explained in this Privacy Policy. We asked the information only we need to develop our site’s user experience and provide our services in a greater way. Your information will not be utilized for any advertisement creatures. 

How your Personal Data is Protected

  • You accept that Discountdrugsstore.net may utilize the details only for the purpose of marketing and promotions.
  • We have Confidentiality Agreement(CA) among all of our individual contractor, employees and agents yet no one will access your information. Suppose individual contractors, employees or agents who break an agreement, such person will be terminated from our services according to this privacy policy.
  • We do not lend your personal details to any third-party vendors for their marketing intentions. None of your details will share with social media portals.
  • We will send you the notification in case of sharing your business details with third parties. Kindly note that no online transactions can assure confidential agreement and confidentiality and such your transactions to be take it on your own risk.
  • We utilize robust security standards in order to protect your information from an illegal access, manage data accuracy and aid to ensure an accurate utilize of information. When accessing the services using the internet connection, SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) technology safeguard your details, utilizing both data encryption and server authentication. SSL certification installation ensure that your details are safe and protected and only accessible to you and to whom you have given permission to access.
  • As we do not allow spam yet in case of any report related to the spam, please contact us through email. You must not utilize our conversation tools to send the content that would breaches our terms of use or send spam. We may analysis for phishing attacks, spam, viruses and any other illegal or malicious activity or restricted content of the site, yet we will not store the messages which has send through these conversation tools.
  • Almost we provide security for the storage and communications in order to safeguard the confidentiality of your details against interference and loss by third party vendors. Although you have to know that there is a risk while others make use of your information. You are liable for managing the information to be kept secretly and security of your profile’s username and password.

How the Details are Stored

Your details are stored in our website database to develop our site and improve user experience in associate with our Terms of Use. If you want to delete your information permanently from our database, then you will be required to stop using our services and drop a mail us.


Discountdrugsstore.net website is using cookies in order to improve the user experience of our website.

When you land on to our website, a cookie will send it to your computer by our server to find your location and utilize the accurate language for our site. At any time you can uninstall these cookies from your system. Cookies do not recognize the person and it recognizes only the web browser. Unless the person chooses to recognize themselves like opening their profile or providing login details, the person remains unknown to Discountdrugsstore.net.

Legal Demands

We coordinate with law enforcement advisors, and in addition with other outsiders to implement laws, intellectual property rights, and to counteract misrepresentation. Because of the verified demand by law enforcement or other government authorities identifying with a criminal investigation or claimed illicit action, we can, and you approve us to, reveal your name, mail id, and history of website utilization, with or without a court order. Without constraining the above, we won’t share your details to any law enforcement or other administrative authorities without a court order, aside from when we have great confidence that the exposure of data is important to ensure our rights, uphold our strategies, and react to claims that your utilization of our services abuses Discountdrugsstore.net approaches or privileges of others, or secure anybody’s rights, safety, and property.


By utilizing our site, you agree to the gather and utilize of your details as explained in our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

Third Part Website Links

Discountdrugsstore.net does not control or owned any other website links may contain on our website. We do not hold the liability or responsibility for the activities and content of these third-party websites. We advise you to read the privacy policies of each and every website while you redirected to another site from our website because some websites gather your details without your permission. This Privacy Policy applies only to this website collecting information.

Changes to this Statement

We update our Privacy Policy at any time. Suppose if we change our statements in our Privacy Policy, then we will post those update changes to our site immediately. Changes work effectively from the date we have posted on the website. An email will be sent to the clients regarding the changes made it on our Privacy Policy and we will deliver it only to the customers who request it.

Your Rights

You can possess numerous rights in accordance with your personal data under the act of General Data Protection Regulation. You can legally access your personal detail from the site for any other usage. You can reuse your personal data by getting it from the website and utilize it with any other services anywhere anytime. Although you have given us with an agreement, you have the rights to cancel this agreement at any moment