Top 3 Brands of Modafinil drug

Top 3 Brands of Modafinil drug

Modafinil is one of the approved drug used for treating ADHD(Attention-deficit and hyperactive disorders). It’s also, helps in treating sleep apnea, narcolepsy and it can make you awake during the hours if you do not have a regular sleep routine. It is considered as a smart drug, because it is a Nootropics and helps in improving your attention by making you active, focus on things and cure some sleep problems. It is a generic form of the drug with a different brand-version of medicine is available for it. Both generic Modafinil and brand-version of Modafinil drugs have same active ingredients present and both the medication works in a same way and have a common benefit and a side effect. Though, it is a generic form and the prices could be less, people go for popular and common brands forms for a better effectiveness. There are lots of brands available for a single product. So, if you want to know the which is the common and top brands? Here we have mentioned a few of the top brands available for this medication.


Provigil is a brand name of Modafinil, that makes you awake, work better with a focus. It is commonly used, when you are working in shifts that is not normal to routine lifestyles. This medicine is not advisable to take when you have an allergic reaction on your skin. Before, taking this medication, tell your doctors about health problems that you are undergoing it currently. It can cause a severe skin reaction, affects a nervous system by impairing your thinking reaction. It is better to avoid it when you are driving vehicles or already undergoing allergies or rashes on your skin.


Most common Modafinil products are Modalert and Provigil. These two medications work in a similar fashion and provides a same effective. They are little expensive, but provides a powerful effect. Modalerts is considered to have a very little risk of negative side effects, addictions and misuse, when compared to other ADHD drugs used. Apart from the common benefit of treating ADHD it is also considered as an enhancing drug used to improve a quality in a challenging field and it is the best treatment of opiate and cocain addiction using Modalert 200mg. This Modalert is not suitable for all patients. Before the medicine, is prescribed to you show your complete medical history and know whether you are appropriate to take this medication.


Modvigil is the other brand of generic Modafinil. For patients suffering from excessive sleep, it is used to improve the wakefulness of an individual. You need a valid medical scripts from a licensed medical professional before buying Modvigil through pharmacy. It works by stimulating in human, which in turn produces a neuropsychological effects to a person. The dosage strengths available are 100 and 200mg. The common side effects include serious skin rashes, stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, over reactions, nervousness, swelling of faces, headaches and nausea.

As said above, Modafinil is powerful in treating attention deficit disorder. However, it is sold under different brand names in different regions.

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